This is our Strength and conditioning class… Perfect for people that want to work with Olympic and strength lifts, alongside gymnastic moves and metabolic conditioning… this is put together to form high intensity, full body functional workouts…. Oh and 2 workouts will never be the same….


High intensity interval training and boot camp style circuits… full body workouts using a variety of kit and modalities…a full body calorie burner of up to 1000 cals per sessions… for all levels.


Using the most effective piece of kit, the Kettlebell!, this class will aim to boost your cardiovascular and muscular strength through the roof with high intensity functional movement patterns. Kettlebell workouts are also some of the most demanding, resulting in fat shredding results!! If you want to move your fitness onto the next level then get involved. This class will have a max capacity and will need to be booked through our booking system. To take part in this session you will need to have a brief assessment with one of our coaches.


The hardest AB workout of your life… this class is for all abilities.


One of our oldest and still most popular sessions… pad and glove work with a partner in a boot camp format. For all abilities.


Delivered by the amazing Paul Capelli from Stortford Yoga. Using various forms of Yoga and Pilates that compliments our amazing diverse timetable. For all abilities.


Delivered by our amazing run coach Andy… If you are training for a marathon, or your first run in yonks, our run club is adaptable for you! Class length is dependent on distance and how fast you run!


A High Intensity Box class using pads, gloves, boxing bags and all our lovely other equipment to give you and Intense Feisty Workout….. for all abilities.


This is our quick fire, full body class, using just 5 movement patterns in a 20 minute sessions. Perfect for those that need a quick guaranteed fat burning session. Suitable for all abilities.


Supervised session giving you the opportunity to work on your weaknesses or to take part in a workout of your choice. LevL Using suspension training, this class will show you how to use your own bodyweight to get amazing results… specifically those looking to work their core and abs.. suitable for all abilities.

LevL Up

A mixture of LevL and HiiT to give you a dynamic and different full body workout. Suitable for all abilities.