What can you expect from S2 Fitness

If you are new or returning to exercise then we LOVE you… likewise, if you are an experienced exerciser that wants to advance their training, then we have programmes and formats of training that can rapidly increase your results.
At S2 Fitness, whatever your ability you can expect to be part of a community of people that all have a common goal.  The community comprises of every age, shape and ability that are all united in their drive for self improvement.
We take pride in the fact we have an environment where everyone is in it together, and no one thinking that they are better then the next person.  We are able to scale everything based on each individuals ability.
Our classes combine facets of free weights, Kettlebells, Powerwave, Gymnastics, SkiErg/Rowing, Boxing, Battling ropes and Body sculpting in a structured format to keep you advancing forward.

The S2 Family and their results

Our community is made up of people just like you…
Here are just a few of our success stories..

Katie’s Story

Katie Parsons had been a member for a few years before leaving to have her beautiful daughter Amelie... And when we advertised the 12 week programme, Katie was one of the first to sign up, [...]

Michele’s Story

Michele's Story For some people weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are just for summer... not Michele, this has been a massive 2 year journey, and literally the sky is the limit... Here is [...]

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